Ossette Wins in her first Show for 2010

June 7th, 2010

In the same weekend Linux presented himself to the world Ossette and I had a wonderful first show of the season. Every year we are so lucky to have a Dressage Show at the beautiful venue of Rebecca Farms in Kalispell that also hosts the huge International “Event at Rebecca Farms” every year. This was her 2nd show ever and her first year at Training Level. We beat out many seasoned horses and professional riders! Go Ossette!!
Here is how we did:

Dressage at Rebecca Farm

Training Test 1 – 65.217% 1st
Training Test 4 – 64.00% 5th
Training Test 2 – 69.286% 2nd
Training Test 4 – 59.200% 6th

Ossette Trakehner