August Dressage & Breed Show

August 20th, 2010

August 12th – 15th we spent 4 days in Spokane for their annual Dressage & Breed show. We brought Ossette for both and decided to bring Onora along for just the breed show and the experience. They both performed beautifully in the breed show, I entered them in the Trakehner and Produce of Dam classes. Then Ossette got down to business as usual and shined in the Dressage ring.

Spokane Sport Horse Breeders Classic

Trakehner Class – 72.100% 1st (Ossette)

Trakehner Class – 71.00% 2nd (Onora)

Produce of Dam Class – 71.100% 2nd

Spokane Sport Horse Dressage

Training Test 1 – 61.304% 2nd

Training Test 4 – 65.600% 5th

Training Test 2 – 66.786% 3rd

Training Test 4 – 69.600% 3rd

Ossette Trakehner